The Contact Centre solution you thought you couldn't afford

Out of the box features which drastically simplify and accelerate your Amazon Connect deployment.

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Everything you need

Now organisations of all sizes can enjoy advanced CX features without needing big budgets, long deployments and specialist skillsets.


The business phone of the future. Set up in minutes and never drop a call again.


Voice, Chat, Email, Social, SMS, all in one place for your agents to access and interact with customers.


Real time and Historical Reporting based on a Amazon Data Lake and QuickSight Business Intelligence.


With all leading CRMs, allowing call controls, customer data and customers intent to be surfaced

Natural Language IVR

Enriching customer interactions with intent driven routing and natural language processing

Conversational AI

Customer service at scale with deeply personalized digital employees supporting your brand.


The results that speak for themselves

We’ve handled millions of customer interactions for clients all over the world, delivering better customer experiences everytime.

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Return on Investment following deployment*

*The total Economic Impact of Amazon Connect


Calls handled globally in the last year, trust us with your customers.


Seconds saved on average handle time per call.


Saving on legacy subscription and usage costs.*

*The total Economic Impact of Amazon Connect - Forrester Report


Level up your customer experience

Let us show you the future of contact centres

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Meet customers on their preferred channel

NEONNOW puts agents in touch with customers on their preferred channel, with individualized customer data to enable a consistent contextual experience.





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Never be in the dark about customers

Open Speech IVR, real time intent matching, advanced speech recognition and active transcription means your agents will know what your customer wants before they pick up the phone.

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cost effective

Consumption based pricing model

Our services are consumption based, only pay for what you use and nothing else.  Customers have saved on average 33% compared to legacy cloud contact centre products.  Scale up and down when with your business demand.

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take control

No code platform puts you in command

Our easy to use operational portals allow Contact Centre operational staff to take control of their customer experience.

Make changes quickly based on real-time insights from the IVR.

Customise your Agent Experience

Deploy Banner Messages and Self Service Journeys with ease.

Managed service

We'll take care of everything

Don’t want, or don’t have your own AWS account, don't have AWS technical capability?

Take advantage of the NEONNOW managed service option. Our professional service team can manage your entire hosting, deployment, security and maintenance in a complete end-to-end service.

Secured Service against AWS Best Practice guidelines

Secured by our mature information security management system

Monitored Environment

Invoiced in local currency

Lower your total cost of ownership


Meet the complete CX solution

The NeonNow ecosystem serves to consolidate mulitple CX solutions into one easy to use, fully supported, quick to deploy platform

Contact Centre

Feature rich Contact Centre solution with Enterprise Grade features and reporting, providing the features your agents need to accelerate your Amazon Connect deployment.

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Conversational AI

Conversational AI ChatbotGPT-enhanced AI conversations.  Accurate. Safe. Secure. Our GPT-enhanced chatbots are all you need to safely turn your content and data into structured, human-like conversations.

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Smart IVR

Enriching the traditional IVR experience, through powerful customer centric tools

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Solutions for the whole business

Now organsiations of all sizes can enjoy advanced CX features of
NEONNOW without needing big budgets and long deployments.

Full control for customisations and business security

NEONNOW is built upon Amazon Connect technology,  allowing you too:

Accelerate you Amazon Connect journey by leveraging NEONNOWS's out of the box features and ecosystem.

Take advantage of NEONNOW's data-lake and advanced reporting capabilities to augment your current Amazon Connect instances.

Spend less time coding and more time configuring good customer experiences.

Deployed on your existing Amazon Account or in a 100% managed service.

Leverage NEONNOW's AWS Control Tower and security services.

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Make changes to your contact centre configuration in seconds

With our intuitive platform you can take control of all of your critical contact centre functionality

No Code Portals proving realtime information on customer intent for every call.

The ability to react to customer demand by changing IVR settings without a timely and costly IT change.

A flexible Amazon Data Lake to ingest all of your business data sources.

Enterprise Grade reporting with Contact Centre specific Realtime and Historical dashboards, with the flexibility to customize.

A intuitive portal to adjust, schedule and create banners messages interactions at an intent level.

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Harness the full power of your AWS infrastructure

NEONNOW allows you to take advantage of the power of AWS, without the cost to build capability or complex features, leverage the NEONNOW ecosystem of products to augment your Amazon Connect instance to achieve the customer experience outcomes your organisation deserves.

Improved Time to value

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Improve Productivity, Service Levels and CSAT

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Connect your business and Contact Centre like never before

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