Get a clear picture of your contact centre performance

Reduce the time spent producing reports and surface key actionable operational insights quicker

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Unified business intelligence

NEONNOW supercharges your data capabilities with its Enterprise Reporting product. Powered by an Amazon Webservices data lake and QuickSight Business Intelligence service.

Powerful BI

QuickSight allows you to directly connect to and import data from a wide variety of sources.

Pre configured Reports

Out of the box Insights is preconfigured with core contact centre reports

Historical and Real-time

Via a preconfigured data lake QuickSight can access and compare historical data.

Custom Reports

Need a specific piece of analysis? QuickSight lets you compose exactly the report you need

Report Scheduling

Allowing users to schedule reports to deliver at the time of day when most needed


QuickSight provides built-in security features so you can distribute dashboards and insights


Reducing your time to insight

With NEONNOW Insights, you can quickly get insights into your data.  NEONNOW Insights can ingest data from almost any source, meaning you can build the reports you want once, not every month.

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Unlock your Reporting Requirements

Pre built reporting delivers you the core information you need on demand

Custom built reporting allows you to create you own reports for more specific requirements

Schedule create reports and get them delivered to your inbox when you need them


Tools to understand your data better

Empowering you to gain deeper insights through as-needed analysis and machine learning (ML) capabilities such as anomaly detection, forecasting, and natural language querying (NLQ).

With a connected datalake you get the ability analyse and compare real time data with historical data.


The data you need

Allowing companies to customise and align the customer experience with their brand and business objectives.

Queue Reporting

Agent Reports

Abandon Rates

Handle times

Activity Reports

Queue Trends

Executive Summary

Wrap-up performance

Contact Trace

Contact Planning